Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This Non-Glam Item Earned a Permanent Spot in My Bag

Hi guys! Writing to you today about Neutrogena's Shine Control powder. This isn't the most glamorous item in the world, but it is definitely a life saver for oily-skinned chicks such as myself.

See how beat up this thing is? I don't ever leave home without it.

I always thought powder was an older woman thing. I would apply my liquid makeup in the morning before work and that was that. No reapplying or touch-ups. Well, that obviously showed. After an hour commute to work each day, my face is already shiny upon arrival. My skin has always been on the oily side, which always makes makeup application LOTS of fun haha. I used to blot my face with oil blotters seemingly ALL day, until this powder came along. 

It's become essential to my routine! My mom handed it to me one day and said "your face is shiny, here." I used it, put it in my bag and thought nothing of it. When I realized I stole it (by accident!), I started using it  regularly with surprisingly good results. I was so impressed by the way it seemed to completely soak up the oil and eliminate any shine. Now I even use it as a preventative measure. When I get to work, I do a quick pit stop by the bathroom, hit my T-zone and I'm good to go. It's so translucent, so it won't mess with any makeup you already applied (just make sure you let your liquid makeup set before rubbing this on top). 

It comes with a mirror and a little cosmetic sponge that fits inside - perfect for on the go, after work, in between meetings, etc. As I've said, this has definitely earned it's spot in my (very competitive) makeup bag. Thanks, mom!


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