Monday, November 16, 2015

Fragrance Lovers – This Store in NYC is a Must Visit!

Hi dolls! I finally made a trip to the Le Labo store in NYC. I’ve been reading a lot about the brand’s cult following and was curious to learn more. The brand’s look is very minimalist and chic – almost apothecary looking – with all fragrances having the same bottle with different labels (really love the uniform look). The fragrances themselves are so complex and beautiful – my favorites are Santal 33 and Neroli 36. The founders are very committed to the craftsmanship and art of creating a fragrance. It’s the complete opposite of a lame department store fragrance department.

The coolest part of the brand is that it’s made to order. You chose what fragrance you want, and they mix it right before your eyes in store using a small fragrance lab! They also have fragrance oils, solid perfumes, bath and body products, candles and travel sized items. The travel tube of fragrance comes in this beautiful, masculine looking metal case that you can get personalized with initials right in the store (it’s refillable).

 The lab!

The store itself is charming – the fragrances are housed on what look like old book shelves and an antique writing desk:

They have some of the raw materials on display as well to tie in the theme:

The candles are housed under delicate glass domes that do a great job of holding in the scent. Le Labo is definitely on the expensive side - $160 for a 1.7oz – so save up your money! They even charge $6 for a mini sample. You can however spray the fragrance on a blotter and take it with you. Make sure you love it – I hear returning is not easy due to the made to order nature of the brand.

Anyone who is a fragrance lover would appreciate the store itself and the beautiful products. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Stop by and play! Le Labo website.


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