Friday, October 9, 2015

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask

 Why this sheet mask, you ask? I’ll tell you how I got here.

I bought this mask from, and was very happy with my purchase (they are so quick!). Their website describes this Black Pearl mask as:

Description: My Beauty Diary's Black Pearl Mask is the brand's most popular sheet mask! Its essence formula nourishes and brightens the skin with a unique combination of ingredients from the sea: Tahitian black pearl extracts (rich in proteins and amino acids that restore luster) and deep sea red algae (which gives a boost of Vitamin C). A variety of plant and fruit extracts, like pineapple, cucumber, and lime, lighten your natural skin tone and minimize dark spots, while citric acid gently exfoliates dead cells. Cosphingo, a patented long-lasting moisturizer extracted from seaweed, provides hydration. This mask energizes skin and leaves your face soft and radiant.

To Use: After thorough cleansing and toning, apply mask to face and leave for 20-30 minutes. After removal, gently massage the excess essence into skin.

Sounds wonderful and easy enough, right? But why did I even start buying sheet masks to begin with?

The sheet mask market is absolutely exploding lately. They have been an essential part of the Korean skincare regimen for a while now, however now I see them all over the US too. I’ve tried quite a few lately – from the Sephora brand sheet masks, to the new Dr. Jart sheet masks, a Benton Snail Bee mask, an Aloe sheet mask from Korea and the list goes on. I have been completely obsessed with finding sheet masks that are affordable and great. This Black Pearl mask is absolutely at the top of this list for a few reasons.

1. The first thing I noticed about this mask was its WEIGHT. I know that’s a weird thing to say but it’s true. The single packet had some weight behind it, which made me think it contained a lot of product. It did.

2. Unlike the other sheet masks, it unfolded easily do to a plastic, removable backing on one side. Sometimes it’s a tricky thing unfolding sheet masks – they are wet with product, and the folds stick together. But you can’t be too rough and pull too hard to unfold or it’ll rip. A small detail, yes, but I’m trying to give you guys all the facts!

3. It’s $1.99. This is a single use mask. For the amount of product included on the actual mask, this is absolutely 100% worth the $2. As much as I adore Dr. Jart (love their BB cream) – their sheet mask paled in comparison to this one. And get this – it was $9 for a single mask. It was good, not great. The Sephora brand sheet masks are $6 – not a bad price – however I found these to be extremely dry with barely any product on them whatsoever. I bought 2 of the Sephora masks to try and was very disappointed in the results. This Black Pearl mask was $2 and blew the others completely out of the water.

4. The experience while wearing this mask overall was very pleasant. It did what most sheet masks do – relaxes you, has a slight cooling effect, makes your skin feel really nice. I left mine on for 20 minutes. When I removed it, I had to rub the excess product into my face (there was quite a lot). The only slight negative while using it, was that it drips a bit due to the generous amount of product on the mask. I would just keep a small towel handy just in case you need to dab some off your neck or chest area. Other than that, I really loved it. I went back on the Beauteque website and saw that they have a multi-pack of this mask – I'm considering it.

You can get yours here on the Beauteque website! Click here

In conclusion, this mask is a great purchase for the money. If it was $9, I would still buy it. At first, I was very overwhelmed at how many sheet masks there are out on the market - I had no idea what I was doing or how to pick a good one. After doing some research and reading some customer reviews (you guys rule!), I just started trying some and finally found a GREAT one that I love. Happy masking! 


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