Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cherry Cherry Lips - Modeling Gel Patch

My second ever Korean skincare product - this Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch. It's unlike anything else I've ever used. As I said in my previous post, Korean skincare has a much more concentrated approach to beauty - case in point, a mask for just lips (as well as chin masks, eye masks, even cleavage masks!) 

So besides the fact that this is completely adorable, I wanted to try it because my lips are eternally chapped. I use different chapsticks and lip balms all the time to fight the dryness, and I even exfoliate using a sugar scrub. I thought this lip mask might help.

Here it is in the package (and my cute PJ pants)

And here's me with cartoonishly large jelly lips HA. Not so cute.

My experience with this mask was just so-so. I really wanted to LOVE it because it looks so cute. It has the exact texture of real jello - be careful taking it out of the package or you might rip it. It has product on it, so it's also pretty slimy/slippery. I figured out that I needed to lay flat on my back while using this, or it slid down my face like a slimy slug. Sweet...

I left it on for about 20 minutes. I read online that no washing or cleansing afterward was needed, and just rubbing in the excess product with your fingers is fine. While my lips felt pretty moisturized, the dry flakes were still there. The next morning, my lips felt unchanged. I feel like this masks is more gimmicky vs. one that really benefits the lips. To really improve dry lips, I suggest using a sugar scrub (like Fresh's Brown Sugar Scrub) a few times a week and use a very moisturizing lip balm after washing. It will make a big difference!

I will say - wearing this mask (or any mask really) makes me slow down a bit. We're all so hooked up to our phones and lap tops, that sometimes slapping on a mask and closing your eyes for a bit feels so great.

Have you guys tried this mask? Am I missing something major? Would love you hear from you, as I am new to this Korean game! xoxo


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