Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lime Crime's New Blog + My Favorite L.C. Products!


So it’s no secret that Lime Crime is seriously awesome. They have FUN with their products! Their beautiful makeup is vibrant, loud and sassy – and their new blog is no different! Check out a screenshot of the home page below.

I also love Lime Crime because they are all about and LISTEN to their fans. They appreciate that people love their products and they love their fans right back – by retweeting them on Twitter, posting fan photos of them, etc. They’ve created a special tab on their new blog called Fan Love which is just what it sounds like. Pretty neat!

I've long been a fan and a consumer of Lime Crime for a few years now. Check out some of my favorite products!

Lime Crime’s Carousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple

 Lime Crime's Lipstick in Centrifuchsia - one my favorite lipsticks to wear to weddings.

I even used Lime Crime lipstick for AROUND MY EYES on Halloween.

And to answer a silly question NO, I don't work for Lime Crime haha. I just love their stuff! The products are great, the packaging rules, and the feeling of the brand is just FUN. Here is the full site: limecrime.com. Thanks for reading!

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