Monday, January 12, 2015

VAMPING. How to Look Like a Lipstick Bad Ass

Hi dolls! So this is my best friend, Mel. She has guest posted for me before on Makeup Majesty, and you guys loved her GUTS. Click here for her Marionette Makeup how to and click here for her Yes, They're Real guest post.

Anyway, here’s a little background about this saucy minx you see before you. She NEVER wore dark lipstick – until now. Her go to lip shades are MAC’s Boy Bait gloss and MAC’s Crème Cup lipstick. For those of you who are familiar, those are very light colors. Think Kim K’s light nude lip. So imagine my surprise when she sends me this very picture via text. Mind. Blown. I forced her to post it on Instagram immediately. I myself have been extremely into dark lip shades lately, and was so excited for Mel to jump on board.

In the photo, she’s wearing MAC lipstick in Media, and MAC lip liner in Burgundy. She originally wanted MAC’s Rebel lipstick, but they were out. So they suggested Media to her instead. After seeing it on her, it’s clear that I need this lipstick immediately. It has such a sexy, edgy look that has BAD ASS written all over it. Certainly not your grandmother’s lipstick. Mel used the Burgundy lip liner all over her lips, then applied Media on top. Doing this makes the lipstick bolder, and will definitely extend the life of the lipstick. No one wants to constantly re-apply their lipstick, especially a dark one that takes a little patience and precision.

I always think a bold lip looks beautiful with very understated eye makeup. Others disagree, but I’m firmly in the camp of “play up one feature.” So either bold lips and understated eyes, or bold eyes and understated lips. It makes the played up feature stand out, like the lipstick does here.

What do you guys think? What lipsticks have you been loving lately? Share with us! xoxo


  1. this look is sooo cool! I am following you now on gfc and i hope you can follow me too :)

  2. thank you, Nicole! I will visit your blog =)


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