Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder - First Video Ad is Out!

I think that choosing Kendall to represent a brand like Estee Lauder was a great choice. It freshens up their image while gaining new, younger consumers in the process. I know that everyone isn't a Kardashian/Jenner fan but this girl is beautiful!



  1. Mixing things is up is always great, the advert is definitely fresh and upbeat :)

    The Belle Narrative

  2. I love her so much!!!!

  3. Kendall Jenner is really beautiful! She's amazing! I love this post a lot!
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  4. Nice blog, I'll watch the video as the curious person I am :) I am following your blog on GFC, it would mean a lot to me if you followed mine back :)

  5. thanks for reading, guys!! I will check out your blogs =)

  6. I love Estée Lauder and how far the brand has come but I cannot stomach the fact they used a Kardashian/Jenner whatever. I understand Kendall is trying to do her own thing and is trying to separate herself from her family but this pairing is such a disappointment, in my opinion.

  7. Hey there, completely IN-LOVE with your blog, just followed you on GFC (479), would love if you follow back :)

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  8. @Nia - totally understand your viewpoint. thanks for weighing in!

    @Mandy - thank you for reading! I will check you out =)


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