Friday, January 16, 2015

Create Your Own Lipstick! My Experience at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Hi friends! Happy Friday!!

So I did something super cool last night. My bestie and I had a date night, and finally went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab to create our own custom lipstick shades! It was such a blast, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I previously blogged about visiting this magical place with some coworkers, but didn’t have time to make any lipsticks. For original post, click here!

So essentially, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You sit down with your own personal lipstick messiah and tell her what you are looking for shade-wise. She sits in front of you and blends different lipstick shades together with a metal spatula. Then, she gives you an applicator to try it on. If you don’t like it – no worries. She can adjust the shade until it’s perfect - make it a little pinker, more nude, more red, your choice.

Once you decide that you LOVE the color, they make a bigger lipstick batch and create the lipstick right in the store! You can walk out of there in 25-30min with a brand new custom shade made by YOU. It really IS that cool. See below for photos!

 You walk into the Lip Lab and see this beautiful sight. Adoring sighhhh

My lipstick is officially in the works! I told my girl that I wanted an every day pink lipstick. 
She nailed it.

Once you nail down the shade or shades you want, you can pick a flavor! (I stole this photo from my original post haha)
I did one of my lipsticks in mango, and one in lavender. You can test them all out before making a decision. I love this extra touch.

 My lipstick palette! My friend and I each did 2 lipsticks - an every day pink and a dark vampy color.
I love that they write down the formula. If you ever want to replenish it, you can get the same exact shade you created the last time!

My lipstick girl hard at work. Here she is making a bigger batch of my lipstick. 
After this step, they put the lipstick batch in a mixer to make it uniform.
After that, they press the lipstick into the bullet shape.  (this is done in another room so I couldn't take a photo!)

And ta daaaa! My beautiful vampy shade and my princess pink.

 Serving fierceness, party of 2. My girl and our new dark shades! Needless to say, we are obsessed.
It's funny that we made almost the same shade - not on purpose!

My beautiful pink! I really really love it. 
I always buy the exact same types of pink - this one is different. It's perfect for my skin tone. 

Pretty cool huh? Aside from choosing the shade and the flavor, you can also choose the finish - matte, creamy, etc. They also give you different cap options which I thought was very cute! If you are interested in going, I would suggest bringing some ideas with you. It can be pretty overwhelming walking in there and seeing an ENDLESS array of shades. Go on Pinterest and find some lipstick shades you like, or if you are trying to recreate a shade from a different line you can bring that too. For my dark shade, I told my artist that I wanted something that looks like NYX's Copenhagen shade. I also suggest making an appointment. The place isn't very big! They DO accept walk-ins, but you might have to wait for a spot to open up. 

Aside from the sheer genius of creating your own shade, there could be another use for this place - recreating a discontinued shade that you love! Or recreating a celebrity lip look that you are dying over. Not that you need convincing to go. My lipsticks were $36 each. A small price to pay for beauty, in my opinion! 

Bite Beauty Lip Lab is in Soho, NY, and this is the website for additional information:


  1. Great experience! Love your shades! They look amazing!
    New follower :)

  2. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. I really like your experience. Keep in touch

  3. Beautiful post, really interesting and great blog!

  4. Ooh this looks so fun! I'd love to make my own lipstick.

    Anything & Everything

  5. thanks Laura! it really was a blast.I could have spent hours there haha =)


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