Sunday, November 30, 2014

nugg Face Masks - Product Reviews. 3 Flavors, 3 Different Product Testers!

From the minute I read about these single serve masks in Allure, I knew I needed to try them. Aside from trusting almost everything Allure says, I absolutely loved the idea of a single serve mask - put it on and throw out the little pod. They are so cute and small! Perfect for travel or just regular weekly use. I also loved that each mask was only $2.99. There are currently 4 flavors of Nugg masks, and I bought 3 of them to test. I tried the mask above - Face Mask revitalizing Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil. My mother-in-law tried the Face Mask soothing Shea Butter and Chamomile Extract. My awesome husband tried Face Mask exfoliating Cranberry Seed Oil and Jojoba Beads. I took notes on each tester's experience with their masks. It was a fun little experiment. Enjoy!

Product Tester: My mother in law, Arlene
Texture: Loved the texture. Didn't feel like a traditional mask.
Scent: Liked the smell, it gave off a relaxing, spa-like feeling.
While Mask Was On: Mask made skin feel tight, but in a good way. Didn't harden like a clay mask.
After Mask Was Washed Off: Skin felt tight and smooth, could feel the difference the masks made. 
Left Mask On For: 10 minutes
Overall Experience and Notes: Really enjoyed the experience, wanted to try the other flavors in the future. She thought there was too much product given for a single serve mask though - she felt like she was wasting it by throwing it out!

Product Tester: My husband, Greg
Texture: Liked the gel texture. The jojoba beads were gentle, not super gritty. 
Scent: Didn't like the smell. It wasn't offensive or overpowering, just not his taste.
While Mask Was On: Felt nice, didn't harden. Beads seemed to disintegrate when he initially applied the mask, so it didn't feel like beads were sitting on his skin (a good thing). 
After Mask Was Washed Off: Could notice a little bit of a difference. 
Left Mask On For: 10 minutes
Overall Experience and Notes: Felt the need to use the entire pod of product, there was a lot in there for a one time use product. 

Product Tester: Me!! =)
Texture: LOVE the texture. I've never tried a gel mask before. The product just glides on the skin. It's nice and thin. 
Scent: Very menthol and minty. Could put some people off but I liked it. 
While Mask Was On: The mask gives off a noticeable cooling feeling, probably due to the mint. It was great! Same as stated above, this mask does not harden like a clay mask would. You can feel it tightening the skin slightly.
After Mask Was Washed Off:  The cooling feeling remained for a few minutes even after I washed the product off. My skin felt tight, smooth and breathable. 
Left Mask On For: 10 minutes
Overall Experience and Notes: I really enjoyed this mask experience. I definitely want to try the other flavors. As I said before, since each mask is $2.99 you CAN try them all and not break the bank. I love the single serve concept - it's more sanitary to me. Often times clay masks dry up and get chunky, so gross. This mask was a breath of fresh air! My skin still feels smooth and it's the next day. Definitely recommend it! You can buy them at Target, or on nugg's website. 


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