Monday, October 20, 2014

Sugar Skull Makeup – My First Stab At It!

Hi guys! So, spoiler alert, I’m being a sugar skull for Halloween! I was so inspired by the beautiful makeup all the talented ladies on youtube and elsewhere did, and decided to try it myself. I did a quick and dirty version just to see if I could do it. We’re having a Halloween party at our house, so my skull makeup needs to be on point!

Here’s what I used, and my tips:
  • Maybelline cover stick concealer in white for all over face
  • MAC black liquid liner for the details
  • Laura Mercier shadow in Onyx for around eyes
  • Estee Lauder lipstick in Scarlet Siren details around the eyes

Here is what I’m going to do different for next time:
  • Use a black pencil eye liner instead of liquid liner. The liquid was tough to use over the white concealer and didn't give me dark enough lines.
  • Instead of the black eye shadow, I might use black pencil liner for this also. For some reason, the Onyx shadow wasn’t dark enough and looks kinda gray here.
  • I’m going to apply black rhinestones around the eyes vs. doing the flower/lipstick details.
  • Spend more time on my forehead and chin – try to draw a spider web or other cool design.
  • Buy black lipstick and color my lips in all black vs. the white and black. I think it will have more of an impact that way.

Do you love my Giants t-shirt? HA! I am in no way a master makeup artist, I’m just a lover and a consumer! It was fun being creative and drawing all over my face LOL. Hope everyone is gearing up for a fun and makeup-filled Halloween!

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  1. Great job at your first try! You never know, you might become a great makeup artist someday!!!!


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