Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Marionette Makeup

Hi dolls! My beautiful, hilarious, charming bestie, Mel, is back with another guest post! You may remember her from the Benefit - They're Real mascara post (link here). Check out her awesome take on marionette makeup - what she used, and what she'll do differently for next time. Enjoy! XO

Every year around the first week of October, I have a sudden epiphany that Halloween is actually a thing that's about to happen again. Then the panicking starts. What am I gonna be this year? I take a couple days to ponder how I'm going to pull off finding the perfect mix of scary and slutty, then my EUREKA! moment comes. And naturally, it's genius every single year.

2013 was the year of "Melly Krueger." Ripped sweater for an enhanced cleavage experience, great hat, gloves- and an opportunity for killer makeup. This year is the year of the MARIONETTE. Why? Because I'm pretty. And Marionette's are too. I literally did this as a practice run in 10 mins. Very messy and not polished. But trust me, I'll bring the heat on the actual day. Enjoy xo

Here's what I used:
• Maybelline Concealer Cover Stick in White
• NYX Cream Blush in Red Cheeks
• Bed Head Eyeliner Pencil in Black
• Various purple eyeshadows I have

What I'm doing differently:
• Not doing purple eyes. I think I'm going more for a "porcelain" look, so will do my eyes to go along with that theme more
• Applying bold, fake lashes!
• Making my freckles smaller and fewer
• Priming my lips differently using a solid matte white base
• Making my red lipstick more defined and heart shaped

The perfect mix of haunting and chic, and so easy- even Helen Keller could do it. xoxo


  1. So cute and well done! I really liked it :)

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