Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How I Decorated My Guest Room for $20

Spray paint + old picture frames + photographs = redecorated guest room!

We moved into our new home in March of this year, and have been slowly but surely decorating each room. We have a nice size guest room which I LOVE. Aside from the essentials – bed, dresser, nightstand, TV, etc – it was kind of plain. I was in search of a nice piece of art to go over the bed to no avail. My mother – always the crafty mind – said why buy something when you can make something?!

She had given me 6 old picture frames that previously lived in their basement. We lined one big wall with family photos, all 8x10. When my parents moved, they had no use for the frames anymore and gave them to me. My mom suggested I re-purpose the frames – spray paint them to match the guest room and cluster them together over the bed. I love the idea, and think it came out awesome! I am also a big photography person, so being able to showcase some great photos I took felt great. The photos are all from vacations and trips my husband and I took together!

What I used:
Old frames that house 8x10 photographs
Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray Paint in Copper
Photographs of your choice (I got mine printed from Costco and was very happy with the quality)
Picture hanging hooks

1. Set up your spray paint area. I did mine in the backyard and put some newspaper down.
2. Take glass and matte out of frame
3. Spray one coat of spray paint, making sure the frames are well covered.
4. Wait one hour (or the amount of time it says on the paint can) then spray another coat.
5. Let dry for 24 hours.
6. Put glass back in frame, put matte on top, tape the back of the photograph onto the matte to avoid sliding.
7. Hang them up! Or get your awesome husband to hang them up =)

And there you have it! $6 for the spray paint, about $13 to get the photographs printed, and $0 for the recycled frames! We also had the picture hanging hooks left over, so we didn’t have to buy those either. They are cheap though! You can find them at Lowe's or any home improvement/hardware store.

 Here is what the original frames looked like. 
They were in great shape, just didn't match the guest room.
The copper spray paint warmed them up to go with the light colored wood furniture.

I’m so happy with the result, and glad I got to give the picture frames another life! Don’t have any old frames laying around? I’m sure someone you know has some in their basement, storage, spare room, etc. Ask around! There are also HUNDREDS of spray paint colors to choose from, great creative! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, happy crafting!


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