Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Before and After – Tiffany Blue Furniture Makeover!

Helloooooooo lovely readers! It’s been a while, huh? Well, I’ve been working on some pretty awesome projects that I’d love to share with you guys. I finally finished one that I’ve been working on for a few months – my very first furniture makeover!

I’ve had this dresser since I was a little girl. It was part of my first “big girl” bedroom set. As you can see, this piece held up wonderfully throughout the years, it just needed a little…love. I have an art studio in my house, a little room where my husband and I can paint, craft, etc and it really is a blast. This piece of furniture is in the studio, and it was practically begging for a makeover.

Choosing the shade wasn’t difficult – I knew I wanted something bright and impactful. I was between tiffany blue or a bright coral color. I thought the coral might be too seasonal, so went with the blue instead. I read a lot about refinishing furniture online before I started, and really picked up some helpful tips. If you’re going to try this at home, I will try my best to share some tips with you!

Among these tips, I found that a shade called Seafarer by Valspar was the closest shade to achieving the Tiffany Blue color I wanted. It is SUCH a beautiful color guys. The photo does not do it justice. Before painting on this fresh shade, I used 3 coats of Valspar primer to make sure the color adhered to the dresser. For the hardware (they are original to the dresser) I used Rust Oleum’s White Gloss Spray paint. I love how the white pops against the paint! See below for some photos, and my tips for other first timers!

Before and After! What a transformation, huh?
The original piece had drawers of course, I had already taken them out to prime them =)
Getting started - one coat of primer! I did this over several days. 
One coat took awhile since it's a big dresser!

Oh hi, this is me! 

Beautiful paint ready to get used!

Painting this was so much fun! See - from the top down.


My tips and tricks for painting wooden furniture
• The first step (which I did not take) is definitely to sand your furniture, if needed. If it has a lacquered or already painted finish, you need to sand that off and start new (sand, primer then paint).

• Use a roller (like I did above) for the larger, flatter pieces of the furniture, and a regular paint brush to reach the smaller spots.

• Definitely take the time to prime your piece WELL. It might look great with just 2 coats of paint, but soon enough the paint might chip off and all your work went down the tubes. I was aggressive with the 3 coats of primer, you may only need 2. I wanted the primer to look as even as possible so I didn’t have any bumps when I went to paint.

• Work from the TOP DOWN. As seen above, I started painting the top of my piece and worked by way down to the legs. Think about it – if you don’t, you can’t lean against your piece for support or get closer to it if the bottom is already painted.

• Follow the direction on the primer and paint cans. There’s a reason they put drying times on them. If it says to wait 2 hours to apply another coat, try to be patient =)

• This might sound silly – but mix your paint well each time you use it. Since I did this project over a few months, my paint was opened and closed a lot. Paint separates, so make sure you mix it well to get the same color each time.

• Spray painting hardware is AMAZING. I can’t imagine having to actually paint those tiny details on each handle. If you have a garage or outdoor space, lay down some newspaper and give the hardware a good spray. I did one coat, then did another coat the next day. I love how they came out.

• Another helpful tip I read – try doing more very thin coats on your piece vs. one or two thick coats. The thin coats dry more evenly and quickly. Don’t keep going over the same spot with the roller – do it once and move on to a different spot.

• Drink wine while painting. I’m convinced this step is essential.

• HAVE FUN! You are giving an old piece of furniture new life! And you get to show off your awesome painting skills to friends and family. Imagine saying “yeah, I painted that.” YES, it’s worth it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! My newly painted dresser is now loaded up with all my art and crafting supplies, so awesome! Please comment with any questions, I always read them and love hearing from you guys!


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