Monday, June 2, 2014

Neon Bright Nails in Happy Hour and Weekend Fun

Hi friends! I just got the brightest manicure in the world haha. It's a gel color called HAPPY HOUR. Do you guys love it?

And here is a recap of our fun weekend!

 We went to the driving range near our house! It was so much fun but we are SO sore haha
Do you guys love my skull shirt? It's from Express =)

  Greg at the driving range. Nice swing!

We cooled off from golf with some delicious beer. YUMMY.

I did a quick craft on Saturday night. I bought this frame from AC Moore on clearance for $5
Then I took some scrapbook paper and cut it to size
Get some erasable markers and you have a cute little menu for your kitchen!

Last but certainly not least, backyard mimosas and tanning with my doll Mel!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday! (not...)


  1. Love that nail color!

  2. thanks so much doll! i'm enjoying it =)

  3. Woow! I love that fluor one!
    I have a similar one but i have not open it yet!
    Following your blog! i hope you like mine too ;)
    see u soon in KS

  4. thanks for reading doll! I will check you out xoxo


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