Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prison Hair and Makeup - Orange is the New Black is Amazing.

Orange is the New Black is my new addiction. My husband and I just finished watching the whole season on Netflix, and I am so sad that it's over! For those of you who haven't watched, the show is a comedy/drama about women in prison. The writing is smart, and the characters they created are so complex, interesting, funny, crazy, etc.

So why am I writing about a TV show on a makeup blog? To talk about the hair and makeup, of course! I know it's a TV show, and I have no idea what prison is really like for women. But the chicks in this show like to look their best, even in an orange jumpsuit and living in a jail cell. Enjoy!

Her name is Red. She is a strong, matriarch character who had/has ties to the Russian mob.
She is never seen without her signature red lip and hair.
Thanks to a salon inside the prison (run by another inmate) roots are not an option.
Alex is a no-nonsense chick who was put in prison for being an international drug dealer.
Her signature winged eyeliner is always on point, even when she is wearing her thick framed glasses.
Colorful tattoos cover her arms, and her dark wavy hair always looks effortless.
Maybe it's the prison shampoo?
Meet Lorna. She has a strong Boston accent, and never has a hair out of place.
She is never seen without her signature red lip and retro style hair.
She is delusional and planning a wedding that will probably never happen while serving her time.
Sophia is one of my favorite characters!
She is a transgendered inmate with a complicated relationship with her wife and son.
She also runs the prison hair salon for the other inmates.
Her face is always made up, and her weave is always curly and bouncy.
Aleida is a matriarch among the Spanish inmates. She helped cut drugs for her drug lord boyfriend, and eventually got caught.
Her daughter, Daya, is also serving time at the prison.
Aleida's eye makeup always looks beautiful, along with her pale pink lip.
Though they don't get along, she asked her daughter to "do my eyebrows. no one else here knows how to do them good."
Even in prison, undone eyebrows are simply not acceptable!
Daya, Aleida's daughter, is usually pretty fresh faced makeup-wise.
What makes her cool, is her seriously two-toned hair!
She has an affair going on with one of the prison guards.
Since Aleida was a pretty crappy mother, Daya took care of her four younger siblings before getting thrown in prison herself.
Piper is the main character. She is thrown under the bus by Alex, who named her as an accomplice in her drug dealing ring. Alex and Piper have a long, complicated relationship.
And they are both serving their time at the same prison.
Piper is also engaged to be married to Larry (played by Jason Biggs) who is completely blindsided by this whole drug ring thing.
Piper is naturally pretty, and doesn't wear much makeup in the show.
She got her hair done only once by Sophia for a special occasion - Thanksgiving. In prison.
Suzanne - AKA Crazy Eyes - is another one of my favorites.
At this point in the series, we don't see her backstory and why she is serving time at the prison.
She is also not a makeup fan, but this is her signature hair!
She becomes completely obsessed with Piper, and the results are both funny and unsettling.
Flaca - a minor character in the show - has some serious eyeliner issues in this show.
It looks uneven, and the teardrop tattoo isn't helping matters.
She has long hair and choppy, blunt bangs.
I saved the best for last! Nicky is by far my favorite character on the show.
She often spots lower lash liner, and some serious volume to her hair.
Nicky is a tough broad with a loud mouth and dry sense of humor.
She has an on and off relationship with Lorna, and is a former drug addict.
She is very close with Red, who she refers to as "mom."
Hope you guys enjoyed! Do any of my lovely readers watch this show?
 Which character has the best beauty look? Xo


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