Sunday, February 9, 2014

Transform Plain White Pumps into Pink, Glittery Summer Shoes!




Hi dolls! So I wanted to share with you my most recent project - glitter-fying these plain white pumps! I originally bought these pumps for my wedding dress fitting from Payless ($39.99). I didn't plan on wearing them on my wedding day, however I figured these pumps would be about the same height of my future wedding shoes (plus they were white) so I brought them to my fittings until I got my real shoes.

Fast forward to after my beautiful wedding, and I had no use for the white pumps. They sat in my closet and collected dust. What better way to breathe new life into them than adding some pink glitter, bows and foam hearts?!

Here's what I did to make these. First, I mixed a ton of Martha Stewart pink glitter (2 shades to give them dimension) and Mod Podge together in a bowl. You want it to look like a thick paste. You might think you have enough glitter, but think again. It takes A LOT of glitter. If you don't add enough, you'll be stuck coating the shoes 3 or 4 times with the mixture - not fun. After you make your paste, apply a generous coat to your shoes. I wanted to leave the platforms and the heels white, but that's up to you. I put Scotch tape on the parts I didn't want the glitter to go, then peeled it off afterward. Let the first coat dry.

Second, apply a second coat. Use your judgment - if you think your shoes need another glitter coat, wait until the second coat dries and reapply. After all glitter coats are dry, layer on a generous coat of just Mod Podge to seal in the glitter. This is important - you don't want pink glitter all over your house, clothes, etc. After I did this, trust me, there was not one speck of glitter anywhere.

Third, after everything is dry, get creative! I bought foam hearts and jewels from Michael's - I picked the perfect time to do this craft, since the store was flushed with Valentine's day products. I played around with the hearts until I got the look I wanted, then used E-6000 glue to glue them together and on the shoe.

Lastly, I bought some pink ribbon from Michael's. I didn't know how to incorporate it into the shoes, so I started doing some inspiration research. I never tried to make a bow before, but thought they would look really cute on the back of the shoes. Several tries later, the bows were made and glued on with E-6000 glue.

And we're done! What do you guys think? I can't wait until this crazy winter weather is over and I can wear these cute shoes for spring or summer. Thanks for reading! =)



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