Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mad for Mermaids! And other sealife related things.

There is nothing cooler than mermaids. EVER.

My obsession started young, with none other than the perfect, red-headed beauty Ariel. From there, my love of these creatures took off. I even dedicated a spot in my powder room for a mini mermaid display. How's that for dedication?! See below for a very mermaid post - my personal belongings, plus some mermaid inspiration (mermaid-inspo? mer-spo?).

A really neat little mermaid chest my friend and I discovered at a vintage shop in Ft. Lauderdale
I have it in my bathroom and keep makeup stashed inside!

A friend gifted me this sassy mermaid and I just adore it. She is also in my bathroom!

A bowl of handpicked shells that my little cousin and I collected on the Beach in Shelter Island, NY.
She did a great job picking ones with the perfect shape!
One of the coolest moments ever - I met Ariel the Little Mermaid in Disney World!
My girlfriends and I went to Florida for my Bachelorette party, and did a princess brunch.
Life = Made.

I also have a thing for seahorses. This guy hangs out with my mermaid collection.

I've had this book since I was little. It still makes me happy when I see it on my book shelf.

OPI's Mermaid Tears

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume. Such a cute tail!
Lady Gaga as a sexy mermaid


Urban Decay - Clean and Sober Makeup Remover
This makeup remover actually sucked, but I just bought it for the mermaid bottle and kept refilling it with good makeup remover ha!
I bought this mermaid cigarette case at Coney Island with a friend one summer.
We rode the Cyclone, ate funnel cake, walked on the boardwalk with pretty umbrellas and saw a sideshow. Such wonderful memories!
Beautiful Bettie Page as a mermaid!
This fake documentary almost ruined my life.
OK that was dramatic, but there was a slight glimmer of hope after watching this that mermaids were real!
Say what you will about M Night Shyamalan and his over the top movies, but I was kind of obsessed with Lady in the Water. If you haven't seen it, it's basically about a manager of an apartment complex (Paul Giamatti) saving what he thought was a woman drowning in a pool. It turns out to be a mythical mermaid-like creature from a bedtime story.
I adore mermaid inspired artwork.
Hope you guys enjoyed!! My readers are the bomb!! Xo


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