Friday, February 7, 2014

Laura Mercier Baked Shadow Palette – Superior to NAKED and any other palette on EARTH.

Yeah, pretty bold statement. I know. But I stand by it. The full palette name is Laura Mercier Les Petits Bonbons Luxurious Baked Eye Color Palette. Everyone loves Laura Mercier’s single baked eye shadows. The company was one of the first (if not the VERY first) makeup brand to pioneer the baked/swirled eye shadow technology. The array of colors they carry are absolutely beautiful – they add a level of color dimension that single colored shadows can’t achieve. The baked shadows can be worn wet or dry – wet for a more intense, pigmented nighttime look or dry for a more sheer look. No matter what you choose, these shadows always have a sophisticated, sexy look about them.

Now – add up all these wonderful elements about the single baked shadows. You good? OK. Now put that technology into one big, gorgeous, life-changing palette. There is every color you could ever DREAM of. If you make this purchase, be prepared to not leave your house for at least a day – playing with it is so much fun! I love mixing and matching 3 different colors for a variety of smokey eyes – a light color for the inner corners, a darker base for the lid, and the darkest color blended on the outside corner. If you put on a primer (I use MAC’s paint pot in Perky) this shadow will seriously not budge. I do love the Naked palette, but have found that even Urban Decay’s shadows (which, in my opinion are great and highly pigmented) crease. No one looks sexy with a big eye shadow crease. Laura Mercer has somehow mastered the no crease eye shadow, which is why I was always such a big fan of their single baked shadows (my favorite shade is 24 Karat).

I’ll admit – this palette is an investment. It goes for $250 (I know, ouch). But think about how much you get for your money. It would take a REALLY long time to use all these shadows – there are 30 shades. Think of all the mixing, blending, matching, un-matching you can do! If you can’t get the full palette yet, I would highly suggest trying one of the single baked shadows ($24), or one of their petite baked trios ($25 at Macys). The palette is seriously a makeup snob’s dream. And hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up! =)

Do you guys have a favorite Laura Mercier shadow? Share with us!


  1. That palette looks amazing, I've not used any Laura Mercier products yet but have a couple in mind :)

  2. Thanks doll! They have awesome stuff, well worth the money! =)


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