Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I feel like we could all use a pick me up during this unbelievably cold winter, myself included. I thought I would list some of the things that made me happy. You guys could do it too, if you get inspired by my list. I don't usually do posts like this, but hey, there's a first time for everything right? As I write this, I am reminded of happy memories that come along which each of these. Enjoy!

  1. My husband. I couldn't be more thankful for him.
  2. The idea that winter will not last forever.
  3. Small, furry animals. Mainly kittens and puppies.
  4. Best friends. Without them, life would be so boring. And you wouldn't laugh nearly as much.
  5. Wonderful and supportive parents. You always deny that you will turn into them, but you usually do. And maybe that's not such a bad thing.
  6. Siblings that are best friends. My brother fits that description to a T.
  7. Hot French vanilla coffee on a cold day.
  8. In-laws that make you feel like part of their family almost immediately.
  9. Drawing on the most perfect winged eye liner and feeling fly for the rest of the day.
  10. Tight hugs. A hug over 20 seconds can be an immediate mood booster.
  11. Loyal pets. You are their world. And they love you. Everyday.
  12. Zumba. There's something about sweating your ass off in a small room full of women to Spanish music that just makes things right.
  13. When someone tells you that you made their day.
  14. When people surprise you, and you realize that there really are good people out there.
  15. Old friends that pick up where you left off. No catching up, no awkwardness, just love, laughs and companionship.
  16. Planning and dreaming about your next vacation. Whether it be big or small, far away or near, tropical or otherwise. Sometimes you need to regroup and reset your clock.
  17. Crafting. Creating something unique - a picture frame, decorating a pair of old shoes or making a college can make you feel good. No one has made the exact project you are making right now, and that makes me feel good.
  18. The smell of breakfast being mad.
  19. Drastically changing your hair. This isn't only reserved for break-ups! I recently chopped my long blonde locks off in favor of a short, choppy bob. I feel like a new person. And my hair takes 10 minutes to do in the morning!
  20. A fabulously good meal. Either home cooked or from a restaurant.
  21. Being right. Sorry, but it's true!
  22. Fuzzy, warm slippers.
  23. The bra that makes your boobs look like a Victoria's Secret model.
  24. Balmy, warm, summer sun. The kind that you can't soak up enough of. The kind that makes you bronze, but not burned.
  25. Summer barbeques. Hot food, cold drinks, friends, fun.
  26. Weekly calls with my grandmother. No matter what mood I'm in, hearing that cheerful voice on the other end of the phone lifts my spirits.
  27. Really, really good pizza.
  28. Laughing so hard that you almost pee yourself.
  29. Waiting for your favorite show to come on all week, and it's a great episode.
  30. Getting props for something awesome you did at work.
  31. Learning something new - a new sport, dance, exercise.
  32. Good hair days.
  33. Good eyelash days.
  34. Finding a great new song and maniacally listening to it on repeat all day.
  35. Looking out into the ocean as far as your eyes can see.
  36. Finding the perfect top to match that hard-to-match skirt you bought, but never wore because you had nothing that matched with it.
  37. Jameson Whiskey.
  38. Blowing off some steam with friends at happy hour after work.
  39. Cleaning your apartment and finding something you thought you lost.
  40. Sunlight.
  41. Porches.
  42. The ice cream man.
  43. Pools.
  44. Cocktail parties with people who matter.
  45. Prepping like a maniac for 2 days prior to said cocktail party.
  46. Baking. Everything. Dessert makes people happy, and I enjoy making it.
  47. Photography. Capturing a special moment that is forever frozen in time. You'll be happy you took that photo years from now.
  48. Running outdoors with a nice view.
  49. That black dress that fits your body like a glove.
  50. Getting new makeup. Locking yourself in the bathroom to play with it. Over and over.
  51. The cute bathing suit that you can't wait to wear.
  52. Buying a new house. YES, this is a big one! =)
  53. Playing horse shoes, corn hole, beer pong and all other awesome backyard games.
  54. Being genuinely happy for someone when something good happens to them.
  55. No traffic.
  56. A bold accent wall that brightens up a room.
  57. Theater.
  58. Coworkers who turn into friends.
  59. People with awesome tattoos.
  60. Seeing a really powerful movie that sticks with you and is thought provoking.
  61. Ice hockey. Watching it, playing it, loving it.
  62. Getting a fresh manicure. You can now take on the world.
  63. Mermaids.
  64. Following interesting people on Instagram.
  65. Reminiscing on old fads - pogs, digital pets, temporary tattoos, scrunchies, hair mascara, raccoon inspired eye liner ahhhhhhhh what were we thinking?
  66. Looking at old photos of yourself and being thankful that your awkward stage only lasted a year or two.
  67. A handwritten letter. It goes a long way. I wish people did it more.
  68. A good book. I wish I read more. If I find something great, I can't put it down.
  69. Chunky, mixed metal jewelry.
  70. My beautiful engagement and wedding rings.
  71. Skull inspired art, jewelry, clothing.
  72. 11:11.
  73. Adult sleepovers.
  74. Spritzing on your favorite perfume. Instant mood boost.
  75. Tailored menswear on women. And fedora hats.
  76. Trashy reality television and wine.
  77. Colorful, beautiful spring/summer sandals.
  78. Meeting someone that you know you were meant to meet.
  79. Museums that you actually get something out of. MOMA in NYC is my favorite.
  80. When a text pops up on your phone from your favorite person.
  81. Birthday cards, texts, phone calls and hugs.
  82. Frank Sinatra.
  83. Skyping with far away family and friends.
  84. One hit wonders.
  85. When you wake up with a bounce in your step, and not on the wrong side of the bed. This one is hard for me, but i'm thankful when it happens!
  86. The perfect red lip.
  87. Visiting Pinterest and getting inspiration for home d├ęcor, fashion and crafts. I love seeing what other people come up with.
  88. When the item you wanted to buy was unexpectedly on sale.
  89. Car windows down on the way to the beach.
  90. When your favorite song comes on the radio and you sing it loudly. And horribly.
  91. Buying flowers for your apartment. They make me happy when I look at them.
  92. The last day of school before summer break, or the last day of work before a vacation.
  93. Being in love.
  94. When those pants that used to be just a litttleee too tight are not tight anymore.
  95. Fishing as the sun comes up and the sky is pink.
  96. Fireworks on the 4th of July.
  97. Bacon.
  98. Anything Disney related - the parks, the songs, the characters, everything.
  99. Blondes.
  100. Even if one person reads this and smiles, i'll be happy!


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