Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tinkerbell Beer Cap Clutch - DIY

Hi everyone! Wanted to share a fun project I just finished – an upcycled clutch decorated with decoupaged beer caps! Can you tell I love Tinkerbell?

I was searching Pinterest for inspiration, and kept reading a lot about Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and how kick ass it was. I have the original and photo Mod Podges and love them, so I went to Michael’s and picked up the new one without really having a project in mind.

Greg and I have this awesome magnetic beer cap holder on our fridge, and let’s just say it was FULL. Like really full.

New project? I think so. I decided to try out my new Mod Podge on the beer caps and my Tinkerbell clutch was born! Well, almost.

I bought a deck of mini Tinkerbell cards in the dollar store because, well, there were just cute and I needed them. Using a 1 inch hole punch (Michael’s has them) I cut out parts of the playing cards.

This hole punch was a savior. I can't cut a perfect circle to save my life, and I will definitely use the hole punch for future projects. Now that I had everything cut out and ready, I glued my Tinkerbell circles into the beer caps using regular Mod Podge. Then I filled each cap with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic!

Let them dry overnight - they will harden to a hard, shiney finish! I watched mine, and started getting some bubbles on top (if you don't pop them, they will dry like that, yikes!) So I took a pointy kitchen knife and got most of them out.

When they dry, they will look something like this! Awesome! I used E-6000 glue, and glued the finished bottle caps onto an old black clutch I had laying around. I also let this dry overnight, just to make sure the glue set and the bottle caps didn't come sliding off.

The finished product! I am pretty happy with the results. I think it would be cute to take to the bar or to dinner if you're feeling particularly...Disney. The one thing I might add is a little wristlet or something to carry the clutch by. What do you guys think? Hope you enjoyed reading!

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