Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decoupaged Bracelet Made From Concert Photos

Hi All! I know I’ve been posting some of my art stuff on here, but some of you seem to enjoy the projects so here goes nothin!

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed making collages – of my friends, from magazine clippings, using other mixed media for texture, etc. I’ve been trying to take my hobby to the next level, so I checked out what the cool people on Pinterest were decoupaging. Previously, I made a pair of decoupaged comic book heels, which I was pretty proud of! (click to see that post) After some more research, I thought it would be really cool to decoupage a bangle! The project itself was NOT difficult at all!! It probably took me about 2 hours in total. And it was really fun! Here is what you’ll need, and a simple step by step to make your own cool jewelry piece!!

What You’ll Need
A plain bangle
Mod Podge
A magazine or book to cut up
Scissors or X acto knife

1. Choose what photos you want to work with. Magazine pages work really well, because they’re thin and stay bent on the bracelet. I took band photos from my Motley Crue book (my fave band!) I tried to alternate my images, so I used one photo of a large crowd of people at one of their concerts, and another picture of the band from a photoshoot they did from the 80’s (lots of big hair, makeup and bloody guitars!)

2. Cut the images in small strips. Try to make them about the same width, I just eyeballed it and it came out fine.

3. Now the fun part! Apply the mod podge onto the bracelet, and press one of your photo strips on top of it. Be sure to do the inside and outside of your bracelet, since you will be wrapping the strip all the way around.

4. Mod podge on top of the strip you just applied. It will dry clear so don’t worry! This helps keep the image intact. A good tip – make sure you can see your image through the mod podge. If you can’t, you’ve applied too much. Simply wipe some off with a paper towel and you’re good to go.

5. Repeat this process until you’ve gone all the way around. I overlapped my images so that none of the original bracelet was showing, but that part is entirely up to you. You could also apply your strips diagonally for a different look. I only did one layer, but again you can always add more.

6. Generously apply mod podge over the entire bracelet (inside and outside) and let dry overnight. This will seal the bracelet and give it a shiny, finished look. You did it!

Nothing is cooler than getting compliments on something you've made!! Hope you guys enjoyed!! Xo

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