Monday, October 14, 2013

Cosmic Princess Pumpkin - DIY Cool Pumpkin Decor!

Isn't she beautiful?! Fall is by far my favorite season. Fall brings some pretty sweet crafts, one being pumpkin decorating! I do love carving jack o lanterns, however I wanted to decorate a smaller pumpkin this year and try something different. The result? My cosmic, crazy, princess pumpkin.

I had an old coffee table book lying around of Planets and Stars that I used to decoupage my pumpkin. I cut the photos I wanted into long strips, then stuck them to the pumpkin using mod podge. I painted over the strips with more mod podge, then layered over more strips until I went all the way around. It looked pretty cool, but was missing something. Where would a princess pumpkin be without a crown? I used a skinny bracelet and the same Planets book and cut the paper into points. I used mod podge again to stick the points onto the bracelet.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite crafts for fall? Thanks for reading!!

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