Friday, May 3, 2013

All Dahlia-Ed Up - Gelish Love in Bloom Collection NOTD

I have officially been converted to a Gelish gel manicure addict! I used to swear by OPI gel, and may still get it from time to time, but Gelish just kicks so much more ass. 

This is the 3rd mani in a row that I've gotten a shade from Gelish's Love in Bloom collection! The colors are so punchy, bright and beautiful. Above is All Dahlia-Ed Up - kind of a dark pink/rosy red. I've also gotten A Petal For Your Thoughts, and Garden Tea Party. I've gotten SO many compliments on my nails. I've also found that Gelish is a lot more gentle on your nails and easier to remove. With OPI, the poor manicurist has to basically HACK away at your nail beds to remove the old polish, leaving you with crappier nails than you had before. 

If you're thinking of getting gel, try one of these shades! The last mani I had lasted THREE weeks without chipping. The only reason I got my nails done was because they were really grown out and too long for me. 

Any fun weekend plans? Have a great one!

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