Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World Autism Awareness Day - How to Get Involved!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day! For those of you who live close to NYC, the Empire State Building will be BLUE in support of Autism tonight - check it out!

On days like today, some people wonder what they can do to help. There are plenty of ways!

1. You can give a donation here to Autism Speaks (click here to go to their page)
2. Take the "Pledge to Light it Up Blue." Replace one light bulb in your house with a blue one for the day! Fun, festive, and you're doing your part! (click here to learn more and see photos!)
3. Seal a letter with an Autism Awareness sticker
4. Post about it on Facebook or Twitter to raise awareness (click here to join the Facebook group for World Autism Awareness Day)
5. Sign a petition for Autism Awareness (click here to sign)
6. Wear an Autism Awareness pin, hang a balloon (like ours above!) or a sign to promote awareness.
7. Participate in an Autism Walk! This is us at last year's walk - it's a fun thing to do together!

Now go out and spread some awareness! Thanks to all for reading! xo

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