Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tom Ford Eyeliner - Noir Absolute for Eyes

Let me start off by saying that this gel liner stayed on my eyes for 14 - FOURTEEN - hours and did not budge. I applied it in the morning before work, went to zumba class and sweat my ass off, my allergies were on high alert and my eyes were watering...nothing. It looked as if I had just applied it. See photo below of my makeup at the end of the night before washing my face for bed. And oogle the pretty TF packaging...

After 14 hours and working out!

I know that buying a $35 eyeliner isn't ideal, but hey, if you find a knock out product that rocks I say go for it. Aside from the formula lasting ridiculously long, I love the color. It's black with dark blue flecks (you can kind of see the blue in the photos above). They aren't chunks of glitter or anything that end up all over your face - this did not flake or smudge once. I usually wing out the liner, but I was too tired and didn't feel like obsessing over if my wings were exactly the same and perfect (does anyone else have that anxiety?)

I applied it with a gel liner brush from Tarte - it's a short, stiff brush which worked well with this formula. I've tried a lot of gel liners and a lot of them are almost perfect but never quite got there. This one may be it. Can you believe my nerve in trying to get you to buy a $35 eye liner?! I'm crazy right?? Maybe. But sometimes i'm a makeup snob and like pretty and expensive things that are cool. My poor fiance...

Hope you guys are having a good week, Friday tomorrow! Will try to post again tomorrow, hopefully i'm getting my blog groove back =) 

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