Friday, December 7, 2012

Tria Hair Removal Laser: Part Three

Hi dolls! Excited that it's Friday more than you will ever know =) So this is my 3rd installment of the Tria Laser and what my experience has been like. Need to catch up? Click below for the first 2 posts:

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I’ve been using the Tria Laser for about 3 months now, and see the significant difference it has made. I shit you not, this thing is the real deal. Before, I was obsessive about shaving my legs each day, especially in the summer. I am now doing it every 3 days. And this is only after 3 months of use. Just a reminder – the Tria Laser is a permanent hair removal laser. As in – NEVER have to shave again after the device has done its job. Thank you Jesus.

 In my previous post, I suggested splitting up the Tria process into a few days. Lower legs one day, upper legs another day, etc so that you aren’t sitting there for hours lasering yourself HAHA. In my experience though, I lost track of what areas I treated on which days. Since you can only treat an area once every 2 weeks, you have to be organized and remember when you did it last. This clearly did not happen for me. I even tried keeping a little calendar (yes, a calendar just for Tria use, I’m a nutcase) but still couldn’t keep organized. Also, life gets in the way – if you were supposed to Tria Thursday night and your friend wants to go to dinner with you, I would hope you would chose the friend and a cocktail over lasering your legs at home. Just sayin.

 I stayed home sick from work yesterday, and just Tria-ed my little heart out. I treated ALL areas in one day and got it over with. Keep in mind – you will not be able to use it on your whole body without charging it. The device takes about 2 hours to fully charge, then you can start over. Perfect opportunity to have a glass of wine and watch crappy television before you begin to torture yourself again.

 Something that I did find interesting though, is that I can now tolerate the laser on a higher setting. When I first started using Tria, my skin could only tolerate the 1 or 2 intensity setting, otherwise it stung. Now that hair is finer, I can do my legs on a 3 or 4 setting which is obviously stronger and more productive. All in all, my experience with Tria has been fantastic. Aside from being a bit uncomfortable and time consuming at times, I would never trade having to shave less and eventually, not at all. When friends told me this device was a great investment, they meant business! Let me know if any of you are interested in getting a Tria – shoot me some questions on this post or on Twitter! Have a great weekend xoxo


  1. Yay, I'm so excited that this is working for you.. I'm getting mine right after Christmas ;D

  2. thanks love! oh, you are in for a treat! so excited for you to try it =)


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