Monday, November 19, 2012

1920s Birthday Bash. And My Lime Crime Lip Gloss.

This Saturday, we were invited to a 1920s themed 30th birthday party! As you can probably tell, it was a BLAST! Getting dressed up in fun retro clothes, being a dancing machine, and of course an open bar to complete to package. Greg and I were laughing that we didn’t even have to go shopping for our “costumes” because it’s what we wear on a daily basis!

Switching gears a bit, I was happy that I got to wear my Lime Crime Carousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple! I’ve played with it at home, but never wore it out in public before – it’s so bright and dramatic. So I figured – what better time to bust it out? It really held up well throughout the night (and through various drinks). I kept the rest of my makeup pretty simple - some blush and lots of mascara. Enjoy the photos!

Greg and I before the party! I love how my gloss looks woohoo!

Flappers and glitz 

All the girls! That is a lot of feathers and sequins HAHA

All the boys! They look so handsome

The birthday girl's shoes! Swoon. Want. Need. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! Thanksgiving is so soon, I will try to post again soon! xoxo

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