Friday, October 5, 2012

My 2nd Try at OCC Lip Tar - Anime

Here we go again! So my first experience with Lip Tar wasn’t very successful read here ---> (OCC Lip Tar in Femme). I wasn’t sure if it was the color I chose, or how I applied it, but my first go at Lip Tar was a creasy, drying mess! I have heard so many wonderful things about this product that I convinced myself to try using it again. Sephora finally got Lip Tar in a few shades, so my wonderful husband to be bought me one as a reward for watching football on Sundays (a great system, I might add).

I put some Vaseline on, let it sit for a few minutes then dabbed it off
I applied the lip tar, then dabbed some extra Vaseline on top for shine
Photos were all taken by Greg! 

You can kind of see the true color here a little better, even though the flash is all crazy haha

This is with the flash off, not a good representation of the shade (looks too muted here)

Sephora is selling their Lip Tar's with a little brush! 
When I ordered my first Tar from the OCC website, it didn't come with a brush
Nice little bonus!

So I got the Lip Tar in Anime, and the color is obviously FAB. It’s totally a shade I would usually grab for – a pinkish purple maybe? So I gave the Tar a good few hours, and still got creasing. I read the package, and it said to apply a clear Lip Tar prior to the colored Tar. I'm not sure if it makes that big of a difference, does it guys? If the clear Tar is the answer to making these look awesome, I will totally buy it. I want to know what i'm doing wrong since I love both shades I have!  When I've read reviews on these, people have said how long lasting they are. But since I'm getting creasing, I feel the need to apply more often. 

Any thoughts, Tar users? Always love reading your feedback! 


  1. So I was totally looking into these I've seen them all over Youtube and the colors look amazing- happy to find also that Sephora was selling them but at $16 each and if you are having issues with creasing & drying maybe I'll wait. Love to see what your readers say that due use them. Thanks for the review.

  2. love this shade! i own strumpet, harlot, and queen :) planning to pick up more. these look AWESOME on you!

  3. @Cali Gal - yes, I've seen them all over the place too and people seem to love them! It's a shame that I can't get them to work for me =(

    @Vicky - thank you so much!! now if the creasing would stop happening, I would wear them all the time! =)

  4. Beautiful color! Great choice :)

    Hope you find a solution to that little problem!

  5. hi! wow love that lip color! like your blog do you wanna follow each other?!


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