Monday, October 8, 2012

Makeup Purge - Again

So here were are yet again. Time to clean out the seemingly endless amount of lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeup that I've accumulated over the past few months. Possibly my least favorite weekend activity, but it has to be done. The drawers of my mini makeup cabinet were so full of crap, that I couldn't even open them and see what I had. Here are some organization photos of my lip and eye drawer:

These were most of my lip products sprawled out on my table. What a mess. I realized how many of the same shade I kept buying, but who would have known if they were all buried underneath each other?! 
I threw out stuff that I knew I wouldn't wear, stuff that was old, or stuff that was almost empty.

And now it looks pretty like this! Let's see how long I can keep this neat haha

This was my eye drawer - shadows, liners, mascaras, you name it
I think I had more purple and green shadows than anyone on the planet! 
I tried keeping a few shades of each, and threw the rest out. 

A lot more organized! I tried keeping pencils on one side and shadows on the other
This makes it much easier to grab one item in the morning and go,
instead of digging through the drawer and not being able to find anything. 

Goodbye forever! As painful as it was to throw out makeup, it was necessary. My fiance would hold something up and ask "do you really need this?" It is so hard saying "no!" This garbage bag was so heavy, that it almost hurt my arm to carry it to the garbage. But hey, i'm just making room for more makeup in the future, right? =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 


  1. I like the feeling of organizing things, and throwing stuff out. I can't describe it haha but it's a great, no? :)

  2. yes, it DOES feel good to organize things, I just hate throwing stuff out! makeup hoarder hahah

  3. yes, it DOES feel good to organize things, I just hate throwing stuff out! makeup hoarder hahah

  4. i feel your pain. I threw out a lot of my make up when i was moving. My friends call me a hoarder.

  5. haha tell me about it!! thanks for being my 350th follower, you rock!!!!


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