Friday, September 7, 2012

The Return of...Hair Mascara?

So as I just Tweeted, I was walking through Sephora when I mascara. Now, hair mascara and I have had what you would call an embarrassing history. Looking back on my basketball years, many photos would show me in my blue jersey...with blue streaks in my blonde hair. At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Hey! A way to express myself! I'm such a rebel! Then when the harsh reality set in that hair mascara was no longer cool, the photos reminded me of that. Again and again.

So I guess what i'm struggling with here, is I don't take the Sephora customer for a hair mascara person. Are tweens shopping at Sephora? Or, if chicks my age want a "pop of color" will they reach for hair mascara? I guess time will tell if we see it popping up on blogs everywhere. Such a funny walk down memory lane, and if I find the photos of me with a blue head, I will post them for everyone else's enjoyment because I'm awesome like that.

In other news, Greg and I are getting married in a year! I'm sure the time will fly by, as everyone keeps telling me. I'm beyond excited, got my wedding dress already (eeeee!!!) and cannot wait to continue with the wedding planning. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I will leave you with this dopey photo of us:

At a friend's wedding. Photo booths are hilarious.


  1. Gah! The 90s really are back, aren't they?! I used to love hair mascara.. I'm oh so ashamed lol

    Cute pic of you guys! ♥

  2. I second that! ^

    I'd love to see pictures of you with the blue hair mascara haha! I wish I had pictures of my hair mascara days - it was AWFUL I used to mainly apply the color on my bangs.. like a freak.

  3. OK thank god I wasn't the only one guys HAHA! If I find the photos, I will def post them. =)


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