Friday, September 14, 2012

Quest for the Everyday Lipstick - MAC's Plink

Everyone could use an "everyday" lipstick, right?

After my love affair with every bright lipstick under the sun, I've decided to settle down and find a lipstick shade that I can wear all the time. First up - MAC's Plink. Looking at it in the tube, I thought this shade would be my everything. Unfortunately, it was my NOTHING. I mean it's fine I guess, I just don't think it does anything for my skin tone. It almost looks like i'm wearing nothing on my lips, and I feel like it makes me look washed out - not cute. I've read that so many bloggers love Plink, but I just don't love it on myself. I've tried wearing it on several occasions to no avail. Sigh. This one might be retired to my makeup graveyard.

The quest continues...

What is your go-to lipstick shade? Suggestions?


  1. thanks for following and congratulations on your engagement:) I still havent found an "everyday" lipstick but I wear revlon ALOT and "pink velvet" is the one I wear the most!

  2. thanks for the love Christina! I know, it's so tough to find a great lipstick that you'll always want to wear, I guess all I can do is keep looking! =)

  3. hello, thanks for the comment!! I have followed you back and also followed you on twitter so I hope you can follow back so we can chat! xx


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