Thursday, July 19, 2012

OCC Lip Tar in Femme

My OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar has finally arrived. I've read so many things about this product, and had to try it for myself. It shipped to me so quickly, thankfully, because I could wait to get my hands on it! Long story short - I love the color but kinda hate the consistency. Femme is a very muted pink color, almost a blue pink. The tar is drying to your lips, which causes it to crease and feather.

Think of lip tar as a paint. I applied it with a very skinny lip brush, and only used a tiny dot of product. Believe me, that's all you need. It also dries quickly, so try to apply and blend quickly. It was a bit more matte than I expected, so I put a touch of Vaseline over it for a little shine. It looks pretty and fresh for about an hour, until I started getting those horrible crease lines. I wiped it off with some water, and tried to reapply. The same thing happened again! The lasting factor on this product was crap for me.

I looked on OCC's website, and one of the FAQs is "Lip Tar appears to feather or bleed on my lips. What am I doing wrong?" The site basically says that you are applying too much product to your lips, and only need a small amount. I did just that but still got the unsightly feathering. UGH! I'm sad, because I had high hopes for this and it looks so good on other people! Any tips on how to make this product work better?

Hope you guys have a great weekend =)


  1. This is a gorgeous color.. I've had it on my wishlist for a while ;) This is literally the first review that I've read where the person was not hollering from the rooftops about how awesome Lip Tars are. THANK YOU for a different opinion and bringing up some of the issues with this product.. definitely doesn't make me want to rush to buy them now. I hope you find a way to use it where it works for you ;) Good luck!

  2. This is a very pretty color.

  3. I love their shades and they stay put for me really well, but you're right- they are REALLY drying. I always scrub and super moisturize my lips quite a while before I will be using the lip tar so that they won't dry out as quickly and sometimes I'll layer a gloss over the top as well...

  4. @caise and @hunter - thanks dolls! such a shame about the product, because I really do love the color!

    @WitchHazel - glad I could help! or crush dreams, not sure which =) I'm not giving up on it yet, but it definitely lost some of it's luster in my eyes.

    @Habbott - good tips! glad i'm not the only one who thinks they're drying, thought I was doing something wrong! I will try again

  5. Very pretty. Good for you for choosing cruelty free!


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