Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 8 BB Creams - According to Sephora.com

Aaaaaaand look who's number 2! My fave BB! Well, I guess Dr. Jart is both number 1 AND number 2, but the one I use and LOVE is #2 on this list. I actually need to replace it today. I wish it wasn't $40 UGH, but looking at other BB creams it seems they are all around the same price range. Totally worth it in my eyes though, I never leave home without it and it makes foundation (and your skin) appear so much smoother and prettier!


  1. havent heard of any of these but i do like the garnier one haha thnx for sharing

  2. you got it! a lot of bloggers like the Garnier one, might have to give it a try =)


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