Monday, June 18, 2012

Lady Gaga Made the First Ever Black Perfume Juice!

Lady Gaga’s first perfume Fame will finally launch September 2012. Aside from it potentially being “just another celeb fragrance,” it claims to be the first ever Black Eau De Parfum. Meaning, the bottle is clear glass and the juice is actually black! But don’t worry – it supposedly sprays on clear. Read more about the fragrance notes here:

Pretty cool from an innovation standpoint, and I do like the bottle as well. What do you guys think?


  1. I agree with you on it being pretty cool from an innovation standpoint + I do like the bottle too!

    I didn't think I'd be excited for anything Gaga right now... but I am! & I hope I like the scent because I kinda want the bottle ha.

  2. I agree.. I want this just for the bottle ;) Love that the liquid is black!

  3. @Nora - dude me either. I actually wanted to hate it. But the bottle is just too damn cool.

    @WitchHazel - I know, so cool! The article says it sprays on clear, but I would be a bit scared to spray it on myself with a white shirt on or something.. =)

  4. i heard something really weird about her perfume...dont know if its true but that in each bottle is some of Lady Gaga's DNA.....could be a rumor though. hahaha I wonder what it smells like.

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  5. haha same here! I've heard that it's supposed to smell like blood and other gross things. Who knows! Might just be for publicity, we will have to see once it launches =) I'll visit your blog!

  6. i'm curious to know what it smells like....but i might want it just for the bottle!

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  7. same here doll! I'll check out your giveaway =)

  8. Great designing of this bottle perfume. I think I'm gonna like it because I like Lady Gaga too. :)

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  9. I thought so too! Very innovative =) thanks for the blog love! xoxo


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