Thursday, May 17, 2012

WitchHazel's Tag

Me and my pretty momma on Mother's Day!

So I took this tag from WitchHazel's blog a while ago, and never did it. Go figure, right? Well, i'm doing it now so there!! I didn't copy/paste the rules or anything because I suck, but I thought her questions were cute and fun so I wanted to post my answers! I think I have to make up NEW questions at the bottom, so if you want to repost feel free! Oh, and visit WitchHazel's blog, she is one of the coolest chicks on the bloggosphere! (click here to check her out).


What is your favorite animated movie, and why?
Ariel the Little Mermaid! To this day, it still makes me happy. I totally wanted to be her when I was younger...that pretty flowing hair, her cool shell bra and oh, she has a mermaid tale. Love her!

Who is one person that you look up to/admire (non-related)?
Nikki Sixx. So yeah, a bit of a change up from my previous photo right? I’ve always loved him – Motley Crue has been my favorite band for a while now, and Sixx is responsible for much of the band’s success. After co-founding the band, he still plays the bass (and sometimes piano) and has written a bunch of their hit songs. Recently, he has gotten into photography and actually isn’t too bad. Are you guys happy about all this useless knowledge? =)

If you could go out and buy one new pair of shoes right now (with money not being an object) what would they be?
I know I might be being totally cliche, but I would want THESE puppies. My fiance got me a pair of black Louboutins for Christmas, and I've treated them like two infants ever since, making sure they don't get dirty. Someone posted these on my facebook page, and suggested I wear them to my wedding ha! Somehow, I don't think people would care about my wedding dress if I was wearing these!

What's one of your guilty pleasures?

I hate myself for it, but celebrity gossip websites are my Kryptonite.

What is your dream job?

Being a beauty product mad scientist and coming up with new and kick ass products! I'll get there someday!

If you could give your 12 year old self one piece of advise, what would it be?
Stop wearing eyeliner that resembles a wet raccoon.

Do you play video games? And if so, what is your favorite game?
LOVE video games! I'm old school - love any of the Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario games. Zelda. NBA Street. Kingdom Hearts. Call of Duty. OK i'll stop geeking out now.

What's one thing you can put on to make you feel completely glamorous (clothing/makeup/shoes/jewelry)?
I'd have to say a formal dress. I love getting dressed up for weddings, parties, etc. Of course, makeup, jewelry and shoes definitely help a lot too!

What made you smile today?
Greg's cousin has stray kittys outside her house that she feeds, this is one of them! They wouldn't let me near them because they were scared, so I had to settle with this photo instead!

What made you sad today?
Being stuck inside at work all day when the weather is so nice! Almost Friday guys... =)

Who framed Roger Rabbit??
It had to be Loki from the Avengers...

OK, hope you guys enjoyed all this useless trivia about me ha! Hopefully it provided you with SOME entertainment. OK, here are the questions I made up! You guys can post it on your own blog, or leave your answers as comments on my blog. Enjoy! xoxo

1. If you could have any type of animal as a pet, what would it be?
2. Favorite cartoon as a kid?
3. You're on an island and can only bring 5 beauty products. What would they be?
4. What crazy feature do you wish your cell phone had? (Could be as ridiculous as you want!)
5. If you could bring one celebrity back to life, who would it be?
6. If you could eat only one type of candy for the rest of your life, what would it be?
7. If someone wrote a back about you, what would the title be?
8. False lashes or natural lashes?
9. If you could guest star on any television series, what would it be?
10. 3 words to best describe you (tough one huh?)


  1. 1.owl cause hubby would love me for it
    2. power rangers haha
    3. facewash, lotion, compact, eyelash curler, chapstick money dispensary lol
    7.lover of all things
    9.a money game show
    10. big heart, crybaby, caring lol

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  3. I love the pic of you and your mama ! Youre beautiful xo I had too laugh thinking of our Coco perez addiction. Sorry Ive been MIA . I will post this on my blog xo loves ya sweets

  4. @Jessica - so cute, thanks for your answers love!!

    @WitchHazel - glad you enjoyed it! it was fun to do while I was bored haha. LOVE Boobs and Bobby Bins, you need to write that! And thanks about my momma, she's the best!

    @Tracey - Thanks so much love! I've been kinda MIA too, gotta get back in the blogging game!! =)


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