Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Makeup Ban OV-AH?

So it's been over 1 month, and I have not bought one piece of makeup, except for my foundation which I view as a necessity. Not one thing. And boy, has it been hard! I had to force myself to walk away from Sephora, Ulta, even the drugstore beauty department to that I wouldn't be tempted!

Now that I've had time to reflect (so deep, right?) I've come to a few conclusions:

  • I've started using makeup that I have already. As I've said before, I had lipsticks, shadows, eye liners, etc that we're still in the plastic, untouched. Not being able to purchase anything new made me really look at what I own already and play with that stuff
  • I'm a huge impulse shopper when it comes to makeup. I looked at the makeup I have barely used, and thought "come on, did I REALLY need that 700th pink lipgloss? Clearly not." I think just being at Sephora and wanting to touch every item in sight is part of my problem. I'm going to try and purchase things only that are new and different, and try to branch out a little bit color-wise.
  • Being on a makeup ban made me sadsies! I know that one isn't a shocker, but I love buying makeup! Nothing brightens up my day more than popping open a new lipstick and swiping it on. My fiance even noticed the sadness, and offered to buy me makeup at the store, ha! Safe to say that unless i'm broke and living in a box, I will not put myself on another makeup ban.

So in honor of the ban being over, I'm going to Ulta later (fully equipped with my $5 off coupon) and buying some much "needed" stuff! Here is my wishlist so far, feel free to throw in there anything you guys have been loving!

Hope everyone is having a great day!! xoxo


  1. Love eos lip balms! I'm on a makeup no-buy too! My job recently ended so I need to save all I can-unless I have coupons & it's on sale it's a no go xoxo

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