Friday, May 11, 2012


They were giving these press on nails out in Times Square yesterday, and my boss snagged me one! I've actually wanted to try them for a while, people have said they really do last a week. I'm very hard on my hands, so I'm not sure they would last long on me haha. I'm also not a pro when it comes to nail accessories, I mean, does everyone remember my nail sticker fiasco? (click here to read that post)

If anyone has tried them, any tips on applying them? Share with us! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! xoxo


  1. ohhhh havent tried them yet... please do tell if they work :)

  2. Make sure your nails are CLEAN and DRY... otherwise they will fall off

    Also, if you tend to wash your hands a lot they will not last a week. I reviewed them on my blog

  3. thanks for the advice Kim! I haven't tried them yet, will let you guys know!!


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