Friday, May 4, 2012

Flirt with Me

Behold: my new favorite gloss! Now, some of you are thinking “did she break her makeup ban?” No, I haven’t…yet =)

This is a gloss I got about a month ago, and haven’t reviewed it yet. It’s called Big Flirt – Sheer and Shiney Lipgloss in Bigger Than Rose. The number one reason I like it so much, is the oversized applicator! It almost feels like a little pillow on your lips. It makes application so easy – one swipe on the top lip, one swipe on the bottom, and you’re done. I can almost do it without a mirror now, since the applicator covers your entire lip.

The texture is on the creamy side, and is also a bit thick. I like this, because it makes it last longer. It’s not tacky or sticky, or I would toss it in the trash =) I'm usually more of a lipstick chick, but as the weather is changing I sometimes favor a gloss in warmer weather. See below for photos!

Look at that pretty, fluffy doe foot applicator!!
Love the polka dotted tube also

Just to compare the size, I took my Smashbox undereye brighter wand
and put it up against the Flirt gloss applicator. HUGE, right?

It was kind of hard to photograph (like many glosses are) but here's one with the flash on.
You can see the tiny flecks of sparkle in it!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend! I know i've been kind of sucking in the posting department, work has been so insanely busy this week! I have an awesome line up of products that I have to write reviews for, stay tuned! xoxo


  1. I've never heard of this brand before, maybe we don't have it in the UK :( looks like such a pretty colour though! :)

  2. You always get me addicted to the gloss . Such a beautiful color on you xoxoox

  3. Yay for still sticking to your no-buy! You have so much more will power than I do lol. I'm not a big gloss wearer but this one looks so pretty! And, damn! That doe foot is HUGE!

  4. thanks to all dolls, you are too kind as always! and believe me, sticking to my no-buy isn't easy!! =)


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