Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bronze Broad

After soaking up every last bit of sun that I could on Memorial Day weekend, I finally got some color. Woohoo! I no longer look like a ghost. My new found semi-tan prompted me to do – what else – shop for summer makeup! I had a bronzer from last year that I had been using, and clumsy me dropped it in my bathroom and it broke. Instead of crying about it, I immediately just went out in search of something new. Since I’ve been SO pleased with all of my Physician’s Formula purchases, I decided to grab their Bronze Booster. And I really do love it so far!
(click here for PF eyeliner review)

This booster gives you more of a glow vs. brown pigment on your cheeks, giving you a more believable complexion. It took me a few days to get used to the form of the bronzer (those tiny little pieces vs. the usual powder) and a few times I knocked them out of the compact haha. However it does come with this cute, short brush that makes the application easier. I was also wary about traveling with it – I could just see the mess it would make if it exploded in my purse – but the top screws on tight and stays put. I like to apply a little more midday at work to freshen up my face.

What are your favorite bronzers? Do you guys stick with the same one or do you like to try different ones? Share with us!! =)


  1. I have this and still have not learned how NOT to send pearls flying everywhere when I use it. Maybe I am bronzing a little too aggressively lol. I tend to use this more for body glow than on my face because it just doesn't have enough payoff for what I'm looking for in a face bronzer. Still a great product.. love most of PF's bronzers!

    I have a drawer full of bronzers bc they're one of my favorite things, but the one I'm always reaching for (and love, love, love!) is Kat Von D's Shady Bronzer(DISCONTINUED). It figures!

  2. girl im too dark fir this haha.... nice review

  3. @WitchHazel - I totally know what you mean, it doesn't have much color payoff. That's a good idea to use it on your body, yay!

    @Jessica - Sorry doll! haha =)


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