Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gel Mani Swagg

So one of my besties has converted me fully - I am now a gel manicure enthusiast. They last almost 2 weeks, always look shiny and pretty, and never CHIP. Melissa got this gorgeous coral color (looks more pink in the photo) and I got a deep purple because I wanted to try something new! Both polishes are CND Shellac (see some shades below) and I highly recommend trying it at least once!

It is very low maintenance which is great for me, I haaaate sitting at the nail salon. My only suggestion (if you have brittle nails like me) is getting your nails cut shorter. This way, your nails don't break or bend causing the mani to crack. This has only happened to me once, and was avoided when I cut my nails shorter (like in the photo above). Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo


  1. obsessed with us. and our nails!!!!!

  2. Loving the colors lady !! Fabu post xo

  3. They look great but I just can't commit lol. Love the colors you both chose!

  4. I kinda agree with @WitchHazel!

  5. @Tracey thanks love!!!

    @WitchHazel & Nora - I know what you mean! @WitchHazel, especially if you change your polish every day, it doesn't make sense for you! =)


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