Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Wedding Fit for Princess Jasmine

I was oh so fortunate enough to attend a wedding in Houston, Texas this weekend. One of my boyfriends' college roommates tied the knot in a beautiful, elaborate Indian celebration that lasted all weekend. Lavish jeweled attire, the groom on horseback, snake charmers and smoking drinks were just some of the major highlights of our trip. I really loved getting involved in another culture (at least for the weekend) and even got a henna tattoo and wore a bindi (body/forehead jewelry) for the wedding. See photos below!

An amazing party the night BEFORE the wedding.
Gorgeous venue with snake charmers, dancers, and people painted in gold body paint.
Very cool way to kick off the weekend!

My love and I before the event
Aren't we the cutest? =)

Texas <3

Me getting my first real henna tattoo!
I can't stop looking at it, so freakin cool

This is what it looked like when she was done!
It eventually flakes off when it dries and looks like the below photo...

A few days later and it still looks like this.
The woman did it so quickly and I really admire how intricate and delicate it is.

My boyfriend dancing with the groom and a friend
Look at the sea of people behind them whoa

The next day - an Indian-type parade outside the hotel
See the blonde head right there? That's me attempting to Indian dance.

The groom rode in on this beautiful white horse.
It was supposed to be an elephant, but the elephant guy in Houston was out of town

The groom and a pretty amazing headpiece.
Forgive me for not knowing all the real terms ha!

After all the dancing and music, came the actual ceremony
The bride and groom sat up there in a glass structure surrounded by roses and candles
I still can't get over how lavish the clothing is, obsessed!

Party time! (Again...)
Night two - the reception. Our cocktails are the special "bride and groom martinis"
The dry ice made them bubble and smoke...amazing!

My bindi! One of the party guests was nice enough to give me one of hers
It's essentially a jeweled sticker, but looks so pretty

The bride and groom partying into the reception hall
Sparkle City.

Take me back, PLEASE. Or at least I hope to meet some new Indian friends so I can be invited to their wedding =)


  1. this looks amazing! and the dress in the last picture is to die for!!!

  2. this is so great looks like a blast!

  3. I've always wanted to go to an Indian wedding!

  4. wow! it looks like a great wedding!
    you are so beautiful :-)

  5. Lucky! I would love to attend a traditional Indian wedding, they always look like so much fun!

    You look FAB.


  6. You are all too kind, thanks so much for all the love!!

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