Monday, March 19, 2012

Violent Lip Tattoos - I Kinda Hate You.

Now before the blogosphere gets all crazy on my ass, let me just say this - It's me, not them. The "them" being Violent Lip tattoos. This was my 2nd attempt at applying them, and clearly the results were disastrous. They look so amazing on other people, and I just wish I had the skill to apply them. I did a post on them a while back (click here to read interview with the creator) so I really wanted to give them the old college try. See below (if you dare...)

Yeah. So this was my attempt at looking cute while I have lop-sided lip tattoos on.
Clearly, this post is purely for entertainment value, because it quite frankly embarrassing.

My issue with applying these (peel off the clear plastic sticker, then wet with a sponge or cotton ball) wasn't the entire tattoo, it was just the corners. I thought I had wet the tattoo enough and tried peeling it off, only to get THIS look. AAAHHHH!!!

These were the ones I tried. I also have a few packs of other styles but doubt that I will try doing it again.

What do you guys think, have you tried these? If so, any tips on how you did it? I'd be interested to know! xoxo


  1. lol.. ur too funny. i havent tired them but i bet id fail worse than u hahahaa...

  2. oh I doubt it hun, have you seen these pictures? hahah <3

  3. Been wanting to try these but have seen a lot of girls having various issues with them. They look really cute (when it actually works out) and are a really cool idea, but it seems like there is still room for improvement (on their end).

  4. dude they are such a nightmare to use! I think it's a combination of them being difficult to apply and me being an idiot and not being able to use them. ahhh


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