Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physician's Formula - You Have Officially Wowed Me

I’ll be honest – I never really gave the brand Physician’s Formula a chance. I would glance at the drab packaging and products and pass it on by. WELL, let me tell you honey, things have DEFINITELY changed for this brand! They have such new, amazing products with great packaging - they scream pretty, young and fun.

To put this in perspective for you – I went from owning nothing from PF, to purchasing FOUR different items at Ulta the other night! Now, you might be thinking – well yeah, it LOOKS nice. But how are the actual products? The answer: FIERCE. Below are the reviews for two lippies – one a lip gloss, the other a lipstick. Let me know what you think!

Gorgeous little guys!

This is Physician's Formula's "pH Matchmaker gloss." It claims to react to the light and your body's pH to achieve your perfect lip color. And it really is awesome! Not only is the color brilliant, it was extremely long lasting for a lip gloss. I couldn't believe that it was still intact hours later. It kind of reminds me of Benefit's O-Glow, but honestly I like this pH gloss a ton better. Still need a reason to get this gloss? See next photo below.

It comes with a light!!!! Not only is this super cool looking, but it's actually very helpful. In a dimly lit room, makeup application proves to be challenging. The light points directly to your lips while applying, allowing flawless application. Seriously so awesome (and a little too much fun to play with at times).

Aaaand here it is!! I really do love the color. Upon purchasing, I didn't read the package first so I didn't know that the color would change in 60 seconds. The result (and my confused expression) was probably hilarious when I looked in the mirror again to find this intense pout.

Next lippy! This is PF's Glow and Mood Boosting lipstick. This one surprised me too - the texture was awesome, I adore the color and it lasted a long time without being drying or feathery.

A little heart in the middle, so cute!

BAM!! PINK!! I was pleasantly surprised with how much color this lipstick delivered. I also really love the texture - it's more of a balm than a lipstick feel, which kicks ass. It's a nice shade for every day wear!

What do you guys think? xoxo


  1. I love PF (I have like every single bronzer they have out) but haven't tried any of these newer products yet.. they look great! I lovvvvvve that little heart in the lipstick, dawwww ;D

  2. I like these gadgets they are adding, like the mirror with lights as well that comes with a blush

  3. how cayuuuuuuuuuuuuute lol a light omg this is perfect ;) i love this pink on u hun!!

  4. You're officially 'that girl' who can rock any lip color. Have I said that before? PROBABLY haha.

    Those two colors are gorgeous. I think it's so cute that the lipgloss comes with a little light!
    I love how you always find awesome products. I don't own anything from PF but it looks like that's about to change all thanks to you hehe. xx

  5. @WitchHazel - I never tried the bronzers! After loving the lip stuff so much I might pick up a few =)

    @Jessica R - I agree, they add such a cute touch!

    @Jessica - Thanks so much babe!

    @Nora - you are too kind! I didn't expect to find anything PF that I would like, but they have so much new stuff!!

    @Caise - Thank you!!


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