Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Online Shopping is the Devil. Even Though I Look Cute.

So I’ve been on a bit of an online shopping binge, I have to admit. It’s getting to be Spring time and I thought – I need new stuff. Like now. See below for a self-indulgent post of the fun new stuff I bought! Oh, and a photo of my first ever Shellac manicure! (had to add something makeup related in there ha!)

Snotty photo of me in my new dress! With new jewelry! And new nails!
(are you seeing the pattern?)

A pretty unique necklace that I got from Jewelmint.
It's sort of a choker, then has a long chain with nuts and bolts at the end of it!
It's weird, so of course I love it!

Mod bracelets from Jewelmint.
These two come together - I think they really compliment each other!
They are a bit hard to type with at work, but at least they look cute =)
I love Jewelmint - quick delivery, adorable packaging, and cute stuff!

The sleeve of my dress! I saw this pattern (dress is from Gilt.com) and I needed to have it.
The material is light enough to wear for spring, even though it's black.
And it's comfy!

And finally, what the nail fanatics have been waiting for - my first Shellac manicure! I'm going to a wedding this weekend, so I wanted to make sure there was no funny business with my nails (chips, breakage, etc). So I decided to try Shellac (CND) polish. I really love this pretty pink! It looks more purple in the photo, but that's probably because my phone sucks haha. I only got them done yesterday, so I want to see how long they really last me - hopefully 2 weeks!

Do you guys do a lot of online shopping? And who else has tried Shellac? Share with us!!


  1. I love that nail color! Here are my Shellac stories...



    ♥ Shia

  2. Love the dress, jewelry and the nails! <3

  3. ohh the crochet type deal on the dress is hot. that necklace is def unique haha great finds

  4. @Shia - thanks for sharing!! I will check yours out, i'm obsessed with Shellac now!

    @Caise - thanks doll! I really dig the shade

    @Nora - of course you do, we have similar taste! <3

    @Jessica - thank you!! I really like the dress and necklace too!

  5. Omg love it allllllll. That necklace is sick! I don't remember seeing that in my showroom. I was looking at those bangles super hard though but couldn't decide if I wanted them.. now.. I NEED THEM.

  6. HAHAHA you are too cute!! Similar tastes for sure! I know, kinda obsessed with the bangles I'm getting so many compliments on them! =)


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