Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gwen Stefani Awesomeness

L'Oreal just posted this photo of Gwen Stefani on their facebook page, and I think she looks bitchin! Gwen is the face of L'Oreal's new hair color line Superior Preference Les Blondissimes.

Aside from the Photoshop job being a bit liberal, I really adore the makeup they chose for her. It's a much softer, prettier princess Gwen vs. the usual black liner and red lip. Plus - her hair color is amazing! Ms. Stefani has come a long way from her No Doubt days huh? =)


  1. yess but i want her bk in her no doubt days well music wise lol.. i love her always have!!

  2. Long, long way.

    She looks stunning! I WISH I could rock this color..without worrying about touching up my roots every 5 minutes ahh <3

  3. @Jessica - oh me too girl, love some old school No Doubt!

    @Nora - same here! I always wanted platinum hair but the roots really suck =)

  4. I lovvvvve Gwen SO MUCH! She's been one of my style icons since I was about 14 lol (dating myself with that one). She's such a knockout and the whole reason why I went platinum ;p


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