Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

I saw this article on and got a giggle out of it, thought i'd share. Here is a summary of what "turns men off" beauty-wise:

  • Fragrance overload
  • Caked-on foundation
  • Overdone eyelashes (clumpy mascara, big false lashes, etc)
  • Dry skin
  • A sloppy shave
  • Yellow-tinged teeth
  • Sticky lipgloss
  • Orangey self-tanner
  • Stiff hair
  • Smokey eye overload
  • Bold lipstick
  • Hair add-ins (feathers, colored extensions, etc)
  • Neon, dark or patterned manicures

What do you guys think? I think most of these are common sense, but a few did surprise me. My boyfriend loves when I do a smokey eye so I guess that doesn't apply to me haha. I have colored red extensions and he doesn't seem to mind them, so scratch that one too. I didn't think nail color was a big deal, so that one is kinda weird also right? I think everything else is pretty on point though.

What do you dolls think? Does your man have issues with all of the above?


  1. I hate these kind of articles that make big, sweeping generalizations. I also hate that they imply that everything you do/say/wear should be geared towards pleasing men.

    Anyway. Some of these are just straight up beauty faux pas and others are simply.. nonsense. Like you, I must be the exception to some of these rules because my boyfriend loves smokey eyes and big, ridiculous fake lashes. He also prefers when I wear bright red or hot, hot, HOT pink lipsticks.. and, to be perfectly honest, when we're rolling in the hay he could really care less if I missed a spot while shaving. We have been together for 12 years. It's a non-issue.

    I read an article from an ex-employee/writer for one of these big women's mags (can't remember which at the moment) that was a big exposé about how these types of articles are writen and edited before publishing. She said that yes, there are men on staff who write for these mags but they're told what to write and how to write it.. and when they survey men for stuff like this they just keep asking people until it leans the way they want it to lean or they just print whatever the fuck they want to print if they don't get the answers they want in the end.

    Who knows what's true and what's not..? I take this kind of stuff with a grain of salt, but I do feel bad for the chicks out there who are buying in to it all and eating it up with a spoon. Every guy likes something different. There's definitely someone out there who loves an orange-skinned, sticky-lipped, spider-lashed woman.. I DID just read that Snooki is pregnant.. my case = closed. Lol!

  2. HAHAHAHA your comment made me crack up. I know, it is a little crazy to think that ALL men think the same way or have the same taste. I mean yes, yellow teeth fine I’m assuming no one ENJOYS that. But the other things are just strange to me. I can’t imagine my boyfriend saying “oh, I hate that nail polish.” Like WTF?? Love your honesty and all the comments you leave me! The “couldn’t care less when we’re rolling in the hay” made me die a little and is totally true! xoxoxo

  3. Those are so full of BS! And my husband isn't really a fan of makeup at all-I wear for myself, not him!

  4. good point. I always say to wear makeup for yourself! =)

  5. I just found this article talking about the same list you posted and thought it was kind of funny..

    "Oh my god, I have been walking around freaking DESTROYING boners for years now!"

    ^Literally made me LOL.

  6. interesting post!!! love itt good points

  7. LMFAO!! @WitchHazel can we be friends with that person? seriously hilarious I read the whole post hahahah thanks for sharing love.

  8. I have taken notes for my next date. I am in violation of one of the above mentioned turn offs lol Thank you this was awesome xoxo

  9. No way, you are perfect in every way i'm sure!! =) I just posted this article because I thought it was funny. xoxo


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