Monday, February 13, 2012

Your Lips Will Love You

After searching far and wide for the very best lip balm for winter lips, I had almost given up hope. Lip balms that are too sticky, chapsticks that didn't work, $25 lip balms that were not worthy (like Fresh's Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy (click here for post).

I've seen my boyfriend use this Vaseline Lip Therapy, and decided to try it out (he said he got it in his Christmas stocking and used it since he was a kid, so cute!) What the hell, right? I know it doesn't seem like the most exciting beauty product ever but let me tell you - it WORKS and that's the most important thing.

After using my boyfriend's for about a week, I went to the drugstore and bought 2 for myself. In just over a week, I already see a drastic difference in how my lips look and feel. No dry skin or gross flaking, just pretty smoothness! I had also pumped the brakes on wearing lipstick lately, since my lips were in such bad shape. And dark lipstick on damaged lips has got to be one of the worst offenses ever in my book.

Thanks to this little product of awesomeness, my lips are back to normal and I couldn't be happier. And it's all thanks to my kick ass boyfriend (I know he is eating this up). I guess even a beauty addict can be taught something new, right? It's cheap, you can buy it at any drugstore, and trust me your lips will thank you!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! And Happy Valentine's Day! Any special plans? =)


  1. Great Review.
    I need to try this out.

  2. funny I saw this the other day and was going to pick it up

  3. that's so funny! you should, so worth it!

  4. Thank YOU for sharing this! I've tried so many different lipbalms/chapsticks.. and NOTHING worked for me! My lips are always pretty dry! DEFINITELY trying this out.

  5. so glad I could help! it seriously changed my lips when I started using it, definitely a must have!


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