Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Other Worldly Beauty

What makes someone look "other worldly" when it comes to makeup? Is it the colors used? Or maybe the place or the way it is applied? It seems to be a theme that has caught on in the celebuverse.

Of course there were makeup risk takers before the Katy Perry's and Gaga's of the world - like David Bowie (one of my idols!) for example. The Ziggy Stardust makeup was something so iconic, unique and interesting that magazine covers attempt to recreate the look to this day. In 30 years, will some of these makeup looks be iconic or memorable? You be the judge.

So what makes someone look...unearthly? Like an alien? Let's take a look at a few of my favorite other worldly beauty looks.

Ke$ha rocking some serious blue glitter just about everywhere. I'm obsessed with the lips and eyes - usually I hate things that are matchy matchy but out-there makeup like this has a different set of rules! And check out those nails!

Katy Perry in her ET video. I don't think I need to explain what's other worldly about this one ha! Though it kind of freaks me out a bit, I think it's pretty damn cool how they transformed Katy for this video. If this is what aliens look like they are pretty hott...

Jessie J and her vampy makeup. Her song Domino stays in my head for days at a time, it's so catchy! Anyway back to the makeup. Jessie has been known to make darker makeup choices for lips and eyes, it definitely works for her. She's also been seen sporting the trendy lip tattoos that everyone seems to be experimenting with (myself included but GOD did that go badly!). There's something about black lipstick that looks alien-ish to me, but in a cool way!

Daphne Guinness and her general awesomeness in life. Most of you dolls who read my blog know that i've had a love affair with Daphne for a while now (in my head, of course). Though she looks a bit scary here (like she's going to kick someone's ass) there are definitely unique qualities about her that I find so interesting. The hair for one thing - I should hate the two-toned black and blonde but I don't. It just kicks ass. And the severe smokey eye with her bright blue eyes? Awesome again. But I don't think just anyone could pull off her style, it definitely takes some guts.

Nicki Minaj and her never-ending parade of wigs. This one is tough - sometimes I love her, sometimes I think she tries way too hard to be different. I mean come on, LOOK at the wig in the middle. It looks like a Dalmatian from hell (or Mars?) I do like her makeup mostly though - I like that she rocks the bright pink lip and a thick strip of false lashes. It suits her. I just wish her wigs would stop blinding me.

Ke$ha and some seriously martian-like brows. Now THAT is called making a statement huh? It's so Ke$ha and so playful and fun. That is also a pretty fierce metallic lip she's rocking too. There is also some gold glitter on her cheeks, because, well it's Ke$ha. Glitter on EVERYTHING =)

Jessie J's bad ass lips. Whoa, be careful if you're kissing these lips. Jessie rocks black lips (again) and some pointy studs on her lips. I wonder how they got them to stay on? Hmmm...

Lady Gaga and her pearly face. I could do a whole post on just Lady Gaga's crazy makeup looks, but wanted to get a variety of celebrities in here. This was Gaga promoting her Viva Glam lipstick for MAC Cosmetics. While the pearls on her face look kinda gross to me, I love the lipstick and I WANT those false lashes she's wearing. Spiky lashes are so in lately.

Who's your favorite? xoxo


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