Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double Winged Liner - Such Eye Candy!

I think this trend is so NOW and bitchin! I haven’t attempted the look on myself quite yet, but I really want to! Do you guys think this is look is wearable for daytime? Maybe if I just used the black liner and a solid colored eye shadow it wouldn’t look too intense for work. What do you guys think? Cool trend or too out there?

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I have a very awesome post coming tomorrow, stay tuned!! <3


  1. I think it's a cool trend.
    I really like the second to last picture! I'll try it out :)

  2. Oooh love the inspiration! Unfortunately in my current field as a banker, I do think I could get away with it in the daytime!

  3. i think if you can do it right its wearable for anytime of day.. and if you can do the liner then its a great trend lol... i like it not sure if id attempt to try it..

  4. I'm addicted to eyeliner flicks

  5. thanks for all the love and comments ladies! I might try to do a basic black look with a double wing - fingers crossed it comes out cool!! =)


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