Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pocket Pouf by Puffalicious

Insert "bathing disc" (soap) inside the pouf.
Squeeze close and run under water.
You can change disc or "scent" as often as you'd like!

Two different sets you can get with
30 assorted bathing discs (6 scents total)

I think this is a really cute idea! I have about 3 different body washes in my shower at once so I can switch it up whenever I want. The little discs are so cute, they kind of remind me of bath beads when they were really popular back in the day. It would make a really cute gift too!

Puffalicious is an online company (you can get the Pocket Pouf at http://puffaliciouspoufs.com) and they seem to have quite a few products in the works, these definitely caught my eye:

When the animal poufs come out, I might NEED one. What do you guys think, good idea or you'll stick with body wash?


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